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Mud pack

The natural mud is rich in organic and anorganic substances, enhances the blood circulation, is pain relieving and warming up the body.

Mud is effective in chronic joint and spine column disorders, helping in muscule problems andchronic sicknesses of the pelvis.
Rehabilitation treatment of chronic rheuma, joint injuries and bone fractures are indicated as well.

Effect: Mineral salts of the mud accelerate the purification, relax the muscule and stimulate the peripher artery. Furthermore, the skin will be regenerated.

Duration: 20 minutes

Health massage

Prescribed after investigation by a physician.

Effect: A positve medication for malfunctional parts of the body, stimulation of blood circulation, metabolism, immunesystem and general fitness.

Useful against stress, sleeping disorders and muscule pain.

Underwater jet massage

Using a special medical bath tub, a jet of warm water is pointed at the treating parts of the body.

Effect: Tissue stimulation is strengthening the heart and lymph circulation,relaxing the muscules.

Very much recommended after operations, joint problems and rehabilitation.

Duration: 15 minutes

Underwater gymnastic (group)

Due to the physical properties of water, it is much easier and safer for the patient to exercise.

A physiotherapist is supervising the groups.

Effect: Relaxing and strengthening.

Duration: 25 minutes