Chocolate massage

Chocolate massageCacaobutter is used sincelong for skin cleansing and nourishing. This wonderful massage will boost the endorphine production- you feel more happy.

Effect: Cleansing, feeding and protecting the skin as well as hydrating it. Some other positive effects are cell regeneration and skin smoothing.

Duration: 55 minutes
Price: 6500 HUF


Lymph massage (thermobag)

Lymph massage (thermobag)Most effective method for body shaping and cellulite treatment. A verysmooth,but very effective massage technique.

Effect: Draining off water and toxic residues from the lymph system.The medication has relaxing,anti-inflammatory and cooling issues.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 2000 HUF

Duration: 55 minutes
Price: 3800 HUF

Anticellulite massage and bodywrapping

Anticellulite massage and bodywrappingThis treatment is recommended to prevent or improve cellulities.

Effect: Strenghtening of microcirculation, dehydration of cells.

Duration: 35 minutes
Price: 4300 HUF


Relaxing face and décolleté massage

Relaxing face and décolleté massageA supplementary massage, using a special massage creme.

Duration: 35 minutes
Price: 4300 HUF