Aromatherapy foot massage

masszazs talp kvAlmond- and Marigold oil is used for treating the whole foot. As all our inner organs have corresponding points at the feet,stimulation or calming can be triggered off. Disfunctions can be detected and eased.

Effect: Self-healing power of the body isstimulated,the immunesystem strenghtened.This treatment is advised for indigestion, rheuma, skinproblems and respiratory disorder.

Duration: 35 minutes
Price: 3800 HUF



Head to toe massage

Head to toe massageA combination of swed massage and foot massage.

Duration: 70 minutes
Price: 7600 HUF

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 9600 HUF 


Warm Lava stone massage

Warm Lava stone massageThe beneficial effect of a warm lava stone medication is known since ancient times. Smooth, warm stones are used as massage tools, placed on acupressure points, or rubbed over the body parts. Aromaoil is enhancing the treating effect.

Effect: Well-doing for body and soul. An explicit positive result on muscule, kidney, for metabolism and lymph activity as well.

  • muscule relaxing
  • muscule allaying
  • connective tissue reinforceing
  • stress reliefing
  • metabolic activation
  • purification stimulating

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: 7600 HUF

Duration: 85 minutes
Price: 11 900 HUF