Neck-, shoulder-, back massage

Neck-, shoulder-, back massageThis remedy is for those, who suffer from dislocted back nervs, head-ache, megrim.

Effect: Enhancement of blood circulation and oxigen-supply,resulting in better fitness.

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: 1900 HUF



Swed massage

Swed massageThe technique for this traetment is best known in western countries. Lotion or oil is used to foster the impact of this massage.

Effect: Regenerating, stimulating, refreshing and muscule relaxing. A positive result on skin, connective tissue, blood circulation and lymph system.

Duration: 35 minutes
Price: 3800 HUF

Duration: 55 minutes
Price: 5800 HUF

Swed aroma oil massage

Swed aroma oil massageA merger of western and eastern massage techniques. Aroma oils are individually choosen for best results on body and sens organs.

Swed aroma oil massage is especially indicated in pain therapy and beneficial for weight reduction and skin recovery, although stress and mental suffering are lowered.

Effect: Rapid absorbtion of aroma oil by the skin and through inhalation,resulting in positive reactions in body and soul.

Choice of aroma oils:

  • Lavender : calming
  • Honey : regenerating, skin nourishing
  • Citrus : refreshing, cell regenerating, sterilizing
  • Chocolate : vitalizing. stimulating, skin treating

Duration: 55 minutes
Price: 6500 HUF