The Bath

furdo foepulet muskatlivalThe 76 °C hot sulphurous thermal water of Bogács is  recommended for-musculoskeletal,-circulatory problems.In the area  there are thermal pools, children pools and swimming pool. We provide healthy, relaxing pastime for the whole family.

The medical water has various positive effects for the human organism. The thermal water, medical treatments, wellness services promote healing and help preservation of health. Playground, beach volleyball, water football make more complete the experience of bathing.

140625 csuszdapark kesz 4The aquapark will offer fantastic entertainment facilities for both the juniors and seniors.

Altogether  there are 10 pools for  visitors 9 pools are in the Bath area (6 thermal pools, 2 children pools, 1 swimming pool)
- in high season 9 pools operate (01. May.-30. Sept.)
- out of season 4 thermal pools operate (one of these is covered)
One of them operates without water circulator. The tenth pool is for only guests of the Jurta resort.

Sulphuric thermal water can be found in BogácsMineral content: calcium-magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate. The sulphurous thermal water is particularly strong stimulus for human body.

Emblematic image  of the Bath: the roofing of the thermal pool was made in 2011

Oil drilling exploration was started on 21st July 1955.The first drilling was done with a 22-meter high tower called: Maszolaj. The following drilling was started on 3rd of Sept. and it was 465 meter deep in October. A ”strange accident” happened on 9th of Oct. at about 2 pm.