Big steps

The thermal water of Bogács was declared medicinal water  in 2001. Well-equipped medical center operates in the  area of the Bath. The Jurta resort was built in 1990 which offers several services to the families, groups of friends, larger groups.

2001 is a very important date in the life of the thermal Bath. From the beginning the visitors could experience the positive effects of the thermal water. Officially the thermal water was declared medicinal water in 2001. Ever since the Medical center has been offering wide variety of services.

2011 can be declared the year of investments. The big thermal pool was partially covered, the twin pool and „butterfly-pool" were tiled. Massage elements were placed in the butterfly pool. The water playground with funny elements was completed. Another playground was also built which meets the standard of the EU's requirements. The building of the toilets and showers were modernized.