Sulphuric thermal water can be found in BogácsMineral content: calcium-magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate. The sulphurous thermal water is particularly strong stimulus for human body.

The thermal water of Bogács effectively promotes healing of rheumatic, articular, musculoskeletal diseases, useful for fractures aftercare. Excellent for –gynecological,-prostate,-gallbladder,-liver diseases and gastritis problems. The exhalation of hydrogen-carbonate is useful for all types of bronchitis.

Calcium is anti inflammatory and useful for the people who suffer from osteoporosis.

It is beneficial for several types of skin diseases (for example: chronic eczema).

The thermal water can be used for drinking treatment. It is recommended for: chronic gastritis, constipation, bile and liver diseases. (You can drink 2,3 or 4 dl a day for a long time.) Expectorant, laxative, antacid.

Effectively used for dental and oral hygiene, it is alkaline and treats the tooth problems.


  • for heart patients, after heart attack for 3 months
  • hypertension over 180 /120 Hgmm
  • during the joint and nerve inflammation fever
  • tuberculosis, infectious diseases
  • pregnancy
  • cancer, mental illness
  • epilepsy
  • in case of inflammatory skin

The composition of the thermal water:

Potassium K+ 5,00 mg
Sodium Na+ 33,00 mg
Ammonium NH4+ 0,46 mg
Calcium Ca2+ 83,00 mg
Magnesium MG2+ 24,00 mg
Iron Fe2+ 0,17 mg
Chloride Cl- 23,00 mg
Bromide Br- 0,06 mg
Iodide J- 0,03 mg
Sulfate SO42- 10,00 mg
Sulphide S2- 4,00 mg
Bicarbonate HCO3- 433,00 mg
Meta-boric acid HBO2 2,60 mg
Meta–silicic acid H2SiO3 50,00 mg
Free carbonic acid CO2 173,00 mg
Carbon acid CO2 156,00 mg