Emblematic image  of the Bath: the roofing of the thermal pool was made in 2011

Oil drilling exploration was started on 21st July 1955.The first drilling was done with a 22-meter high tower called: Maszolaj. The following drilling was started on 3rd of Sept. and it was 465 meter deep in October. A ”strange accident” happened on 9th of Oct. at about 2 pm.




Instead of oil they found thermal water

The  thermal water which is 60-70°C has to be  cooled so the  guests can  enjoy  refreshing and healing effectsDuring the usual preparations one of the workers went to the lifting device and pulled the crank handle of the drill. The drill started down and the worker was lifted up 2 meter high. The worker fell to the ground without injuring. The drill fell down and crack generated on the rock that promoted to the eruption of hot water from the deeper layers.

As it turned out later they were very important moments. 10 minutes later someone shouted:"water is coming from the hole". 60-70°C hot water uprushed about 200-300 liter/minutes. The hot water was temporarily blocked and the hole was also covered. The flowing of hot water was stopped for a while.

Further drilling was conducted only after years. At this time they were searching thermal water. It was not a cheap business, it cost 500000 Huf. It was worth searching because they found the sulphurous thermal water. It was the local people who dug the base of the first pool.

Building in the Bath

The twin-pool was built in1973. Since then they have been restorated several timesWhen this pool was filled with thermal water it had huge attraction for the local and foreign visitors. They had to wait until the early 1970s for the development because there was no money for it.

For example: the twin-pool, the children –pool, the showers, the operating building, public dressing room were built in 1973. They dug a cold water well, too. A heat generator was built in the operating building which was used for –heating of the showers , the water and cooling the thermal water. It provides opportunity to get the water to the pool via pipeline.

Cabins , pavilions were built in 1977 but they couldn't afford to invest more money developments. Although the Thermal Bath was often full. Two other wells were dug in 1982. They were mainly for drinking and for cooling the water of the pool. The new social building was being completed from 1985 to '87. On the ground floor offices were located and on the first floor you could find guestrooms. The swimming pool with recirculation equipment was opened in 1987. In the same year a new thermal well was drilled which made it possible to replacement water of the pool in two days.

The Bath was developed in the early 1990s as well. 100 new cabin were built and they started to improve the thermal campsite. The washing area was completed and electricity was provided as well. The Thermal hotel and the „butterfly pool" were completed in 1990.

Since then they have been restorated several times. The quality development of the Bath started then. In 1993 modern pavilions were built with accomodations in the attic. In 1997 wooden houses were created in the camp. Two new heat generator were built in 1998 they are for heating the – water and – buildings.

Big steps

The thermal water of Bogács was declared medicinal water  in 2001. Well-equipped medical center operates in the  area of the Bath. The Jurta resort was built in 1990 which offers several services to the families, groups of friends, larger groups.

2001 is a very important date in the life of the thermal Bath. From the beginning the visitors could experience the positive effects of the thermal water. Officially the thermal water was declared medicinal water in 2001. Ever since the Medical center has been offering wide variety of services.

2011 can be declared the year of investments. The big thermal pool was partially covered, the twin pool and „butterfly-pool" were tiled. Massage elements were placed in the butterfly pool. The water playground with funny elements was completed. Another playground was also built which meets the standard of the EU's requirements. The building of the toilets and showers were modernized.

Aquapark from the summer of 2014

140625 csuszdapark kesz 4The aquapark will offer fantastic entertainment facilities for both the juniors and seniors.

One of the slides called: „spacehole". You start from a height of 9 meters via a 20 meter length of tube and you arrive at an open „bowl" then you spinning around in the swirling water, then you will find yourself in a tube again. Finally you will land in the pool.

The other slide called: "Blackhole +Up hill flying boats". It is a double slide so you can take twice as long way as on the other slide. First of all you slide in a tube on a sliding rubber, then you arrive at the pool again.

The „Wawe slide" is the real speciality. You start on the sliding rubber from the hight of 9 meters. You can get enough dynamism it takes you up the opposite arc. Then back again and back again......until the dynamism runs out. Finally you stop the bottom of the slide and leave the slide.

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